Are you interested in going to studies in Malaysia which is a beautiful island nation? Malaysia is a coveted study destination in the world. This country has also become home to campuses to international universities like Monash University which belongs to Australia.

The country has made commendable efforts to build an educational city for students, which is evident in the development of Edu City in Johor. This place will act as an international campus for the branches of eight leading universities in the world including University of Southampton from UK. Since these universities are opening up their branches here, there’s a lot of scope for students to do architecture study in Malaysia and pursue other courses like IT. The construction of international campuses in Johor will get completed by 2018.

Due to the presence of its own universities like Universiti Malaya which is ranked 133rd in the world university rankings given by QS in 2016-2017, Malaysia’s system of higher education was given the ranking of 27th by the QS Higher Education System strength rankings(2016). There are other options of pursuing postgraduate study in Malaysia which include Universiti Putra Malaya which was offered the ranking of 270 in the QS world university rankings(2016-2017). This university has made a mark for itself in the teaching of subjects like agriculture and forestry and ranked among the top 100 universities in the world for the teaching of such subjects.

The country also offers students options to study scientific programs in Malaysia with its university Universiti Sains Malaysia, which offers chemical engineering programs and has also received good positions in the rankings given by QS world university rankings for 22 subjects like Computer Science And Information Systems, Biological Sciences, Linguistics, Medicine, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Mathematics And Engineering in diverse fields like Chemical, Civil And Structural, Electrical And Electronic and Mechanical. This university offers excellent options to students to study IT in Malaysia.

Some of the private universities in this country also offer the students of “2+1” pursuance of degree. What this implies is that the students can complete their degree partially in Malaysia and partially at a partner university in a different country. So, students get chances to pursue the same degree at a different educational destination other than Malaysia without having to pay the costs of studying abroad in foreign destinations.

Another notable university in Malaysia is Universiti Teknologi Malaysia which has been given the ranking of 302 in the QS world university rankings. The university offers chances to students to pursue education in different subjects like engineering, politics, mathematics and law. The students get the option to study IT in Malaysia at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia which is the oldest technological university in this country. It offers courses like Computer Science and Information Systems, Mathematics, Materials Sciences, Physics and Astronomy and engineering in different specializations like Mechanical and Civil and Structural.

The cost of studying in Malaysia differs between universities. The average cost however comes out to be 3,985 US dollars per year. However, Universiti Malaya which is a highly ranked institution known globally has an average tuition fee of 1,647 US dollars per year which is quite low. All the international universities planning to open their campuses here will also levy lower tuition fees per year than those levied by their international branches. For example, Monash University in Australia charges US$23,297 per year in its country, while its just 9,222 US dollars per year to study IT in Malaysia at a graduate level through this university.

The Malaysian government has made the process of the application of student visa and pass easy for anyone who wants to study in the country, as you do not have to contact your local Embassy of Malaysia no more. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Contact the institution

Apply for a student pass from your chosen institution and no longer via the Immigration Department. Follow the special application requirements as indicated by the institution. Then, your application will be submitted by the educational institution to the Director of Pass & Permit Division of Malaysia.

Step 2. Wait for the confirmation of acceptance

Prospective students will be informed of their application status by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through the educational institution that one has chosen.

Step 3. Institution will send you a letter confirming your student pass

A letter of approval for your student pass will be released by the Malaysian Immigration Department and be delivered to the institution upon your acceptance. The institution will then send this approval letter to you.

Step 4. Inform the institution

Before you go to Malaysia, you must inform the institution about your airport location, flight number, and arrival date and time. A representative from the institution will greet you at the immigration check-point at the Malaysian airport upon your arrival. Next, your visa will be issued to you via an endorsement on your valid national passport.

Step 5. Wait for your Student Pass sticker

Your passport will be submitted to the Immigration Department and a student pass sticker will be affixed to it.


  • Degree
  1. Business Administration
  2. International Business
  3. Bachelor of software system
  4. Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  5. Bachelor in IT
  6. Human Resource management
  7. Bachelor of Commerce
  8. Bachelor in Accounting
  • Diploma
  1. Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management
  2. Diploma in Human Resource
  3. Diploma in Nursing
  4. Diploma in Pharmacy
  5. Diploma in Physiotherapy
  6. Diploma in Accountancy
  7. Diploma in Culinary Arts
  8. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Certificate ( Short Courses)
  1. Airlines and Tourism Management
  2. English for Academic Purpose
  3. Certificate in Culinary
  4. Certificate in Food and Beverage
  5. Hotel and Catering Management
  6. Certificate in Travel Operations
  7. Certificate in Architectural
  • Vocational Course
  1. Architectural Draughtsman
  2. Culinary Arts of Chef Courses
  3. Secretary Courses
  4. Multimedia
  5. IT Networking

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