Study in Canada becoming, one of the fastest World Wide study hub these days. Every Year many international students who wish to study in abroad choose Canada as their dreamland. Study in Canada will bring many other benefits such as active and modern lifestyle, health and care services, friendly environment, special dormitories facilities It does come with the added perk of part time work along with studies. Find colleges and courses for further studies from overseas education and career consultant’s data base.

Canada is an enclave of numerous people, lifestyles and majestic landscapes, and is one of the most secure locations for pursuing training. A multicultural united states of America with smooth get admission to  training and  low priced dwelling, heaps of worldwide students flock to Canada each year to take a look at in Canada.

Study in Canada Requirements

Though Admission Process and requirements range from group to group in Canada, we are able to provide you with records approximately the most standard techniques and necessities to get admission into Canadian Universities and Colleges.

Canada is the world's top second country that is approx 10000 Miles. It lies to the North US of America. Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary ranks first, fourth and fifth three best Canadian cities with in the top five cities in the World. It is the Sixth most Patriotic Country, has eleventh largest economy in the world. It is one of the wealthiest nation. Canadian dollar is valid currency of Canada It is country renowned for its variegated and high standard of Living. Canadian culture has historically influenced by European culture and its life style. The maple leaf is the Canada's best known symbol. English and French are the first two officially preferable languages in Canada.

Christianity is the main religion in Canada. It is famous for having more lakes than any other country in world. It invent Insulin treatment for diabetes and known for the highest Production of Maple syrup. In the field of sports many games like basket ball, ice hockey, sonar, Snowballed etc are discovered in Canada. Ice hockey is recognized the national winter sport and Lacrosse is recognized as national summer sport of Canada. Canadian music is heard and appreciated by many peoples of different countries. 'O Canada' is written by the poet and judge Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier was proclaimed as the National Anthem of Canada firstly sung in Quebec city in 1980. Now a days Canada became the first choice for almost every visitor, because of enrichment's in Canada.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada is one of the fastest growing worldwide education network for student. Every Year many international learners choose Canada for their higher studies. Canada's education reputation is based on the quality and recognized for excellence across the entire education sector Study in Canada will bring many other benefits such as active and modern lifestyle, health and care services, friendly environment, special dormitories facilities It does come with the added perk of part time work along with studies. There are many reputed colleges/institutions and universities in Canada for studies. A Degree/Diploma from a Canadian Institute is recognized world wide. International students who graduate from Canadian Institutions enjoy successful and prosperous careers. Canada is known for its quality education & competitive entry requirements .Followings are the courses provided by the various universities and colleges of Canada.

Types of courses

Certificate :Is a qualification awarded upon successful completion of a programme which is usually one year in length.
Diploma :  Is a qualification awarded on the basis of one or two year's of successful study.
Advanced Diploma :Is a 3 years program some of which may lead to a Bachelors Degree.
Post Graduate Diplomas / Certificates : It lead to a Masters Degree. These programs have work terms which provide full-time opportunities to gain practical experience along with theoretical studies. A typical co-op term lasts 12 to 17 weeks. The prerequisites to participate in these  programs is a Bachelors Degree of 3 or 4 years duration.
Bachelors Degrees : It is an Undergraduate academic degree awarded by Universities/ University Colleges/ Community Colleges after completion 4-7 years of full-time study and lead to graduate level studies.

Masters Degree Is an option for Bachelor Degree holders to earn postgraduate degree. Graduates who have an interest in further learning and research, and for those who want to broaden their career possibilities. It is for 2 yrs duration and can be pursued after a 4 yrs Bachelors or a 3 yrs Bachelors & a 1 year Post Graduate Diploma from Canada.
Doctorate or PhD : Is a degree ranking above the Masters Degree and generally requires four to seven years to complete
Colleges/ Institutes of Canada:
Degrees and diplomas from Canadian colleges/institutes are widely recognized. The education in Canada encompasses both public and private colleges. They offer various certificate, diploma, advance diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate course in field of Music, Art, designing, medical, engineering, physiology, information technology, law, defence etc. These colleges provide various education facilities to students like library facilities, smart classes, IT services, comfortable classrooms, friendly environment, dormitories, health care facilities, fresh food, disability services, good transportation, career support, career counselling and extra activities like inter college sports competition, music competition, dance, painting, designing competition etc.


Canadian Universities are largely public funded and as a result, offer consistently high quality education at lower tuition rates for International students than their counterparts in competing countries. They offer a broad range of courses and degrees from Undergraduate to Doctorate and also certificate and professional degrees. Class sizes in universities are generally large. Canadian campuses are safe and clean. According to the World Bank, many of Canada ‘a cities rank amongst the best places in the world to live, work and study. Tuition and the cost of living in Canada are lower than in other countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Students will find excellent professors, reputable scientists, and world renowned artists and writers as part of the faculty at Canadian universities. Libraries and sports facilities, museums and art galleries, theatres and concert halls: Canadian campuses have it all, including radio stations, newspapers and stores that are run by students.

Living in Canada

According to the survey of united nation Canada is the best place to live for the past 9 consecutive years. One of the major attractions of a move to Canada used to be the cost of housing compared with other western countries. whether of Canada is generally drop down, so people enjoy snowfall. Environment is pollution free, which helps us to stay fit and healthy. there are many lakes and oceans to see in Canada.

Niagara falls is one of the famous waterfall in Ontario. Furthermore, Canada is the world’s second biggest country, rich in natural resources including oil reserves second only to Saudi Arabia. Vancouver is widely regarded as one of the world’s best cities to live in. It is crime free country and safe place to live. citizens are very much friendly, help us in difficult situations. Canada offers high quality of modern lifestyle. It provide various accommodations like apartments, townhouse, rental rooms, rental flats, room sharing, paying guests.

Housing cost is cheaper than any other countries. All cities and most major towns in Canada have a public transportation system with one or more ways to travel bus, subway, train, etc. If you plan to use public transportation, you should research transportation options before deciding where you will live. The bus is the most common form of urban transportation in Canada. Some cities also have streetcars, light-rail trains or subways. In most cases, you can easily transfer from one mode of transportation to another. Canada is industrialized country. For people with working skills, work experience and good communication skills in English and French, qualifying for job is not a huge barrier. Easily they can get job in the area of academic qualification they get from a reputed university or college.

Education System in Canada

Education in Canada is usually divided into primary education, accompanied through secondary education and submit-secondary. It encompasses each publicly-funded and private colleges, consisting of: community faculties/ technical institutes, profession colleges, language faculties, secondary colleges,  summer season camps, universities and university colleges. Education is compulsory up to the age of 16 in every province in Canada, except for Ontario and New Brunswick, in which the compulsory age is 18.

In standard, Canadian kids attend kindergarten for one or two years on the age of 4 or five on a voluntary basis. All kids start Grade One at approximately six years of age. The college 12 months commonly runs from September through the following June but in a few times, January intake dates are viable. Secondary faculties go as much as Grades 11 or 12, depending on the province. From there, college students may additionally attend college, university or Cégep research. For more information contact us.

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