Many Indian students have started seeing MBBS in Nepal as an option worth considering. In the lap of the magnificent Himalayas, Nepal stands proudly as a study abroad option, growing in importance. A ‘developing’ nation means opportunities, for social as well as economic development. Nepal is a rapidly developing nation and education in Nepal comes with incentives. For anyone interested in studying social and economic development, the environment, humanities and intern opportunities, study abroad in Nepal is good.


Capital: Kathmandu
Area: 147,181 km ²
Climate: Monsoon
Total Population: 29,331,000 (est. 2009)
Languages: Nepali

Studying MBBS In Nepal

MBBS Colleges in Nepal have become popular, though MBBS from Nepal is not a new notion for Indian students. Obviously, there are reasons for this inclination towards the MBBS Course in Nepal.

Nepal Medical College Admission procedure is simple and direct. Comparatively, Nepal Medical College fees is affordable to many.

Relations between the two of our nations are not constrained and it is a friendly country. Due to common language, Hindi, MBBS in Nepal for Indian students becomes a comfortable endeavor.

Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Nepal

  • Among many advantages of doing MBBS in Nepal for Indian youth, the existence of MCI recognized Medical Colleges in Nepal for MBBS is primary. MBBS Courses in Nepal, resemble the Indian pattern in every way.
  • It might come as a pleasant surprise that Medical colleges in Nepal have many highly qualified Indian teachers among the staff. A reason good enough to attract many!
  • As mentioned earlier, the MBBS course in Nepal has similarities of pattern and syllabus with the Indian MBBS. Consequently, the ratio of passing the MCI Screening test among the students of any MBBS college in Nepal is very high.
  • The Universities of Nepal are known for the quality of education. The country also has autonomous Medical colleges in Nepal for MBBS.
  • Another benefit is the affordable MBBS Course fees in Nepal. Some MBBS in Nepal Medical College provide Installment options too.
  • Another good thing is the proximity of Nepal to India. Students can travel to and fro, when needed and that too, without spending much.
  • The food in Nepal is quite similar to the Indian cuisine. Students hardly notice the change of Nations, when it comes to food.
  • The cost of living in Nepal is less and therefore, it is perfectly suitable for Indian Middle Class.
  • Also, the climate of Nepal is quite conducive.

Disadvantages Of Studying MBBS In Nepal

  • With some Faculty, the poor English speaking capability and erratic pronunciation may cause comprehension issues.
  • In the hospitals, international students are not allowed to touch the patients during internship and instead it works out to be only a kind of observer-ship.
  • The training of Surgery is done on only dummies and not on dead bodies making it difficult for the students to get real experience.
  • The students need to learn local language as an additional subject.